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Virgin Killer Sweater for G3F (Freebie)
"It’s a knitted sweater that features a large open back which has gone viral in Japan and has been labelled doutei wo korosu, a phrase which suggests it would excite a virgin man so much he would die."
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[Tutorial] Creating Dust And Atmosphere in Iray
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I learned this method from jag11 on the DAZ3D forums, who is thanked for permission to use it in this tutorial!
In 3Delight there's no way to create atmosphere or godrays (the rays that are visible when light passes through dust or particles).  There are products to facilitate (one of them mine), but most are either not the easiest to use or ultimately just a faking of a feature the engine lacks.  Many artists use postwork instead.
DAZ Studio 4.8 Beta's new Iray engine also lacks a native mechanism for creating atmospheric volumes - but it can be easily convinced to produce them!  They will come from your lights and react to objects in your scene.  I did a test image of Jack Tomalin's Chapter House Iray scene (free to Plat Club members
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Before and After

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 9:18 PM

Velma - done
Special Request - done
Personal projects
Ariel Request

Have you ever gone back and reviewed some of your older work to see how you’ve improved and changed your approach to your craft? I thought it would be interesting to compare work from when I started in 3D around 2007 to now. In some cases, I’ve improved, but mostly, I think 3D software has improved to the point it’s easier for users like me to realize a decent image.

First up is one of my first images I posted. It’s of my character, Green Radiance

  GR Before and After by sodacan

This is interesting because there’s only a 2 year difference between the 2 images and probably shows the leaps and bounds in improvement you make as you begin to understand the program. Yes, the 2007 Green Radiance is hideous. At this point, I knew nothing of lighting, creating textures, shading, render settings, in fact very little about the program DazStudio. I knew even less about postwork and using an image editing program. By 2009, I was getting the hang of it and you can see a remarkable improvement and a character more in line of what I created to use in the game “City of Heroes”. Still, at this point, I couldn’t grasp the 3delight render engine and lighting was my nemesis. The 2009 image lacks the dramatic lowlight effect I was looking for.

Green Radiance and Rocket Boy

GRRB Before and After by sodacan 

2 of my characters I used in “City of Heroes”. In the first image, you can see “flat” the surfaces are. The 3delight render engine lacked the ability to do IBL lighting and could not do reflections well without adding an image in the surface shader to create the reflection. Most of my scenes around this time looked light this. Flat and lacking depth or shading. 8 years later, Daz is a much improved program with IBL lighting, improved shaders, Iray rendering and other goodies. The main thing is I understand the program much better and am able to take advantage of the tools it offers. Still, a lot to learn. Again, lighting is a problem. I was going for a lowlight feel and this is just dark with no punch.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage Before and After by sodacan 

Again, flat with no depth. I do like the action I was going for though. Luke is a little contorted but this is one I wish I had the original file. I’d love to go back and improve the original.


  Maids Before and After by sodacan

Lastly, Maids. I chose this one because they all use the Aiko3 figure wearing the same maid outfit. The first 2 are from 2007, early and late. You can see the fast improvement you can make as learn your way around a program.  The 2012 image was rendered with Reality/Luxrender instead of the standard 3delight render engine. I had a much easier time with Reality and wish I could still use it. For some reason, since version 4, I have not been able to get it to run right. The last of course is 2017

I think my greatest improvement was really from 2007 to about 2009-2010. After that, improvements have mostly been driven by better software. It’s not really a knock on me so much as the real truth is I just don’t spend enough time “stretching” my skill set.

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Ask me anything...... There's no secrets to anything I do. If you see a figure, garment, object, etc and want to know where I got it or how I did it, feel free to ask and if I can share, I certainly will.

Requests.... I have no problem with someone asking for requests. Just know that if I'm busy, it's not my style or feel like I can't do a good job on it, I may turn it down. I don't judge, but if its outside the scope of what I feel like I can do a respectable job on....

My Featured Character Focus - Devon

Devon - Bad Decision? by sodacan

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Devon is not your average 18 year old High School senior. She's a daydreamer and a bit of an introvert. Coming out of her shell late, she has a lot of catching up to do and prone to more than her fair share of bad decisions. She has a good heart, but a detachment to reality gets her into trouble. So far, she's come out on top. I don't do comics so each image is a mini chapter of sorts. Devon is based on the Deco Anime figure updated for Genesis 2 by

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Power Girl Redux by sodacan Jessica Rabbit Portrait by sodacan

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Below is a link to reference images for Rocket Boy and Green Radiance. C'mon, you know you want to.

Rocket Boy and Green Radiance Reference Images

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So, I've done 2 Velmas in the past, one with Daz's V4 and one with HiveWire3D's Dawn. Which one makes a better Velma? 

34 deviants said

Mature Content

Velma and the Doppleganger by sodacan
The better Velma is on the left, in black and orange.
13 deviants said Either works. Different strokes for different folks.
12 deviants said

Mature Content

Velma and the Doppleganger by sodacan
The better Velma is on the right, in the orange.


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